New Research Article – July 2021

New Research Article: Dr Annika Winbo We present the first study of patient-derived LQT1 sympathetic neurons that are norepinephrine secreting, and electrophysiologically functional, in vitro. Our data reveal a novel LQT1 sympathetic neuronal phenotype of increased neurotransmission and excitability. The identified sympathetic neuronal hyperactivity phenotype is of particular relevance as it could contribute to the … Continued

Heart Kids NZ

CIDG are pleased to be working with Heart Kids NZ to help provide support for our Heart families and children. Heart Kids is a charity dedicated to improving the lives of families with one or more child living with a heart condition, and they receive no government funding. They rely solely on the generous support … Continued

Journal of the American College of Cardiology Article

The CIDG team are pleased to highlight this article in the very influential heart journal, the Journal of the American College of Cardiology. We thank all the more than 4000 participants on this registry for allowing this to happen. Doctors around the world are learning from the information you have allowed us to collate. Unique … Continued

Covid-19 and Cardiac Inherited Diseases: Update

Special advice for people with Cardiac Inherited Disease during the COVID-19 ┬ápandemic: Long QT Syndrome (LQTS): There is nothing to suggest that those persons with LQTS who develop Covid-19 infection have a different clinical course than those without LQTS. BETA BLOCKERS (SUCH AS NADOLOL, ATENOLOL, BISOPROLOL AND METOPROLOL ARE SAFE AND SHOULD BE CONTINUED. As … Continued

Article: The rhythm of the heart

Did you catch “The rhythm of the heart” article in the Listener? About Dr Annika Winbo’s research into Long QT Syndrome and cell abnormalities. Listener Article Feb 29 2020