New Research Article – ICDs in patients with CPVT

Outcomes from patients in the New Zealand Cardiac Inherited disease registry have contributed to a significant piece of research regarding the use of ICDs (implantable defibrillators) in patients with CPVT (paper linked below). Patients tended to do worse with an ICD. It is important to note that this does not mean that ICDs should never … Continued

2018 CIDG public Event – 30th November 2018

We are delighted to invite you along to CIDG’s public family evening on 30th November 2018. Following the last very successful family information evenings, we are delighted to offer another family session this year and we would love you to attend. The feedback we received from last year’s meeting has enabled us to put together … Continued

Long QT molecular autopsy in sudden unexplained death in the young (1-40 years old): Lessons learnt from an eight year experience in New Zealand

The CIDG team are pleased to announce our latest research publication detailing our experience of long QT genetic testing in victims of sudden death over an eight year period. The lead author was Dr Luciana Marcondes, our new paediatric heart rhythm specialist at the Starship Children’s Hospital. Bottom line- approximately 20% positive finding in these … Continued

Auckland family living with LQTS – News Hub Interview

Another great interview with one of our families who are living with Long QT Syndrome. Thank you to the Teina, Ruby, Georgia and Mandy for sharing your family’s story with us and continuing to help raise awareness of LQTS within the wider community. And Georgia we think your ICD-friendly sports bra design so your sister … Continued

Professor Skinner’s Inaugural Lecture

On the 16th August 2017 Dr Jon Skinner, our esteemed clinical lead at CIDG became Professor Jon Skinner and gave his inaugural lecture. Take a look below;  

How to measure a QT interval – PDF

We are delighted to highlight a new article guiding professionals how best to assess the QT interval. This should help improve communication between professionals and help avoid over and under diagnosis of long QT syndrome.   How to measure a QT interval

Live-HCM and Live-LQTS Study invitation

Do you want to be involved in an international study? Are you gene positive or have a clinical diagnosis for HCM or LQTS? Are you registered with CIDG and live in the Auckland/Northland area? Are you aged between 8 and 60 years? This is your opportunity to join an international research collaboration looking at activity … Continued