The Cardiac Inherited Disease Group (CIDG) is a group of New Zealand medical professionals who aim to prevent sudden cardiac death due to inherited heart conditions.

We come from all areas of medicine – we’re specialist cardiologists, molecular and clinical geneticists, pathologists, genetic counsellors, and other associated professional staff. We have clinical representatives all over the country, in Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga, Palmerston North, New Plymouth, Wellington, Christchurch, Dunedin and Invercargill and are looking to branch out over the country,

Cardiac inherited diseases are a group of heart conditions that can be passed down through families. Through the Cardiac Inherited Disease Registry, CIDG aims to simplify the screening at-risk individuals and families, educate individuals, families and health professionals about cardiac inherited disease and the risk of sudden death, and to develop best-practice guidelines for health professionals.

The Cardiac Inherited Disease Registry Link was initially set up by Jackie Crawford (cardiac technologist- and now national coordinator of this clinical service), Dr John French (Professor of Adult Cardiology now based in Sydney), Dr Jon Skinner, a (Paediatric Cardiologist and Honorary Associate Professor in Child Health, based at Starship Childrens Hospital, Auckland) and Professor Mark Rees, (molecular geneticist now based in Wales). It was initially funded by the Lion Foundation of New Zealand, and is now supported by Cure Kids.

The Registry makes it possible to keep track of the hundreds of families that are scattered around New Zealand and overseas. It helps us to effectively screen those families for inherited heart conditions that can be life-threatening, but show no symptoms. By linking patients to their local experts, we can provide them with preventative therapies and new information on their condition, treatments, and changes in screening. It also gives them a point of contact for support when they need it.

The main research efforts of the Cardiac Inherited Disease Group have focused on the genetic and clinical studies of families in whom sudden unexplained death is prevalent, and particularly with long QT syndrome. This work has been funded mostly by Cure Kids. We have many international working and research collaborations with researchers in allied fields.

If you would like to register your family, receive updates on these conditions or assist us by helping to set up local support groups or making a donation, your contribution in any way would be very welcome.

If you are a physician or allied professional who would like more information or to join our group, please contact us. Regular national meetings are held bi-monthly and there is a network of local contact people, most of whom are listed below, we would welcome your clinical expertise and your representation from your area.


CIDG is proud to be affiliated with the following organisations:

Cure Kids 

Ministry Of Justice NZ

Arrhythmia Alliance

Cardiac Society Australia & New Zealand

National Heart Foundation NZ

Heart Rhythm New Zealand

Auckland DHB

Star Ship

Waikato Hospital

Wellington Hospital




Clinical Leadership
Jonathan R Skinner (Paediatric Electrophysiologist)
Andrew Martin (Adult Electrophysiologist)
Luciana Marcondes (Paediatric Electrophysiologist)
Miriam Wheeler (Adult Cardiologist)
Ian Hayes (Clinical Geneticist)
Rexson Tse (Forensic Pathologist)

National and Northern Regional CIDG coordinator
Jackie Crawford

CIDG Administrator/Database Management
Louise Monson  

Ivor Gerber
David Heaven (South Auckland)
Margaret Hood
Nigel Lever
Colin Edwards
Patrick Gladding
Andy Gavin (Waitemata)

Clinical Research
Jonathan R Skinner
Annika Winbo

Scientific Officer
Nikki Earle

Clinical Genetic Associates
Jennifer Eaton
Harriet Jones

Molecular Genetics
Natasha Henden

Rexson Tse
Charley Glenn



Clinical Leader
Martin Stiles

Regional Co-ordinator
Rachael Stiles (nee. Monkley)

Fraser Maxwell

Janice Swampillai
Madhav Menon



Clinical Lead
Jonathan Tisch

Joshua Agnew
Jeremy Armishaw

Regional Co-ordinator
Rachael Stiles (nee. Monkley)

New Plymouth

Stephen Butler

Ian Ternouth

James Hunt

Regional Co-ordinator
Rachael Stiles (nee. Monkley)

Palmerston North

Werner Truter

Kate White

Regional coordinator
Tom Donoghue



Clinical lead
Darren Hooks

Andrew Aitken
Matthew Webber

Regional coordinator
Tom Donoghue 

Clinical genetics
Kate Neas

Amy Spark



Daniel Garofalo

Regional coordinator
Tom Donoghue 



Clinical Leader
Alex Binfield (Paediatrics)
Geoffrey Clare (Adult Cardiologist)

Ian Crozier
Iain Melton

Alex Binfield

Clinical Genetics
Kate Gibson
Caroline Lintott

Regional Coordinator
Jackie Crawford



Belinda Green
Mike Williams

Regional Coordinator
Jackie Crawford



Paul Tomlinson

Regional Coordinator
Jackie Crawford