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National forensic service being divided- a major concern for families suffering a young sudden death

After the sudden unexpected death of a young person, a high quality autopsy may reveal a cause which may run in a family. If it is found, family can be protected, if missed, they cannot. The national CIDG executive are very concerned about the Ministry of Justice plans for Forensic services.  Iwi in Taranaki are outraged at the removal of their local facility, which is led by experienced pathologists with a strong track record of working with the local physicians and families, and also work closely with specialist forensic pathologists when second opinions and advice is required. Now a commercial organisation will be responsible for moving the deceased to Hamilton for Autopsies. The national forensic service was growing in strength, with cross-cover between the specialists and a noticeable improvement in quality and speed of delivery of autopsy reports over the last ten years. Now there will be four regional services. This goes against all trends in the health sector, where quality, best practice and collaboration are the targets, not expediency.

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