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French triathlete and coach Laurent Vidal dies in his sleep.


Laurent Vidal passed away in his sleep at home overnight on the 10th November 2015 in Gigean, in the South of France aged 31. Laurent the French (and self proclaimed 49% kiwi) Olympian athlete was the fiancé of  Kiwi triathlete Andrea Hewitt.  Hewitt was with her partner in the apartment they share together at the time and is now with his family. The NZ Herald

In New Zealand there are about 20 cases per million population each year of sudden cardiac death in people aged between one and 35.  About half to 60 per cent die during their sleep and most of the rest are doing normal daily activities when it happens.  A small number  – about one to three people a year – die during sporting activity.

You can read Dr’s Skinner’s press statement here

Our thoughts are with Andrea and Laurent’s loved ones.