Carrying out research has many advantages, for example, in healthcare, there are many gaps in knowledge and theories about how something might work better and ideas for improvement.   Carefully controlled and organized research enables researchers to test and compare different theories and approaches, explore different methods and learn from other people’s experience.  As the field of cardiac inherited disease and especially cardiac genetics is such a rapidly growing area of medicine.  It is vital that we learn from and share our research and experiences with our peers around the world, to enable development and improvement of medicine.

To date the Cardiac Inherited Disease Group has taken a national and international leadership role in some areas of research linked to cardiac inherited disease and prevention of sudden death.  We would like to share our research with you, please clink on the links below and you will be taken to either the full text item or the abstract.  More to be added soon…..

Click here for CIDG Research on LONG QT SYNDROME

Click here for CIDG Research on CPVT

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